Acecorp Security is a division of Acecorp Australia. Established in 2008 on the emphasis in providing services, that fully satisfies customer needs while offering value and responsible service, enabling growth and financial soundness through a safe, secure and healthy work environment.

As business associates, we treat each other fairly, with trust and respect in a professional environment that fosters safe work practices, involvement, open communication and team work.

High Profile Security Personel

All Acecorp Security personnel undergo a screening process, which consists of numeracy and literacy test, background check and previous experience before we decide to employ him/her on a 3 month probationary period.

At Acecorp Security we strive in delivering competent security personnel through our regular training. All security personnel are self evaluated, which outlines their overall performance in the work place. We encourage our staff to further develop their skills and knowledge within the security industry.

Our aim is to provide our clients with a professional and personalised service that exceeds all expectations and requirements giving you peace of mind, by only employing the best personnel suited to your business. All of our employees are trained to defuse situations by resolving them in a professional manner rather than using force which commonly causes situations to escalate.


With a qualified and experienced management team we are able to supply tailored security solutions that specifically meet your needs.

With a team from a Variety of backgrounds from all sorts of industries such as marketing, electrical, hospitality, construction & business enables our team to undertake any demand with flexibility and efficiency.

Our management team understands the importance in assuring a service that satisfies and meets the objectives of all our clients.

Rapid Response 

At Acecorp Security we believe that the most effective and efficient way to deliver our services to our clients are through;

  1. Acknowledging the required service and needs. 
  2. Undertaking the appropriate measures in fulfilling the tasks. 
  3. Providing our client with solutions that satisfies their objectives in a timely manner. 

The above procedures are known as our “Rapid Response”, which has proven to succeed in delivering the most effective and appropriate services to all our clients.