Here at Acecorp we aim to be the leading distributor of high quality security personal and related products and services to our industry.

Our diligent pursuit for industry excellence means that there are no backward steps in providing our clients with the best possible service.

We believe security play a vital role in our client’s customer relations, marketing strategies and a consumer friendly environment. By investing in the right measure of security with quality security services, your security investment should more than pay for itself through its experience in preventing conflicts before they escalate and helping to maintain a safe and customer friendly environment.

Acecorp is dedicated in ensuring that our clients and our associates are provided with a safe, secure and healthy work environment, by increasing safety awareness and eliminating unsafe acts and conditions and maintain constant safety.

Intern our security strategies will both, save you money and add to your bottom line profits.

As business associates, we treat our clients fairly, with trust and respect in a professional environment that fosters safe work practices, involvement, open communication and team work.

Experience the difference and be part of the ACECORP TEAM.

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