Crowd Control

We pride ourselves on delivering outstanding security services to our clients. At Acecorp Security we provide you with competent and professional personnel that maintain and ensure constant safety and protection to the public, patrons, staff, property and assets.

Our staffs are trained in Conflict Resolution & Negotiation which enables them to de-escalate a situation without the use of physical force therefore dramatically reducing the chance of a physical confrontation which may tarnish the reputation of your venue, or may put at risk the safety and wellbeing of your staff, property & patrons. Our Security Personnel are updated on all new government regulations and regularly refreshed on all existing laws relating to licenced premises therefore ensuring that your venue is always in compliance with NSW legislation. Our qualified and experienced team of security personnel in combination with our Risk Management team and our Unique Operating Procedures are equipped with the skills to be able to handle all duties relating to licensed venues, event security, concerts, private functions, or any mass gathering of people.