Welcome to Acecorp Security, the centre of security excellence. Acecorp was established on the emphasis in providing our clients with a profound service, that fully satisfies their needs while offering value and exceeding all expectations. With a qualified and experienced management team we are able to supply tailored security solutions that cater to the individual needs of all our clients.  Our diverse team brings together the skills required to undertake all security related tasks with flexibility and efficiency.

We continue to strive in providing our clients with a systematic design, enabling growth through a safe and secure work environment. Acecorp Security works closely with each client to form the ultimate business partnership, promoting maximum quality and stream line quality staff.

Our approach and dedication in only providing our clients with the best possible operatives through our screening process which has added value and lengthy results to all of our clients. The quality of staff within the Security Industry today has declined dramatically over the years only to leave a large pool of inexperienced operatives who are not given the appropriate training and resources to undertake the requirements of clients. Rather than making do with what is conveniently available, Acecorp Security goes the extra mile to find the diamonds in the rough. Also Acecorp Security, through its traineeship and development program takes in operatives showing motivation and potential and instils them with the knowledge and skills required to do the job, and the beliefs and values upheld by Acecorp Security. These include Customer Service, Respect for all, and a Strong Work Ethic.