The Acecorp Experience

Acecorp works closely with each individual client to form a unique business partnership. We believe every clients needs and goals are different, therefore we design and develop a strategic, systematic plan to cater for your individual needs.

Our Clients Experience:

  • Customer Satisfaction
  • Revenue Growth and Profitability
  • Safe, Secure and Friendly Environment
  • High Quality Personal including; clean, well presented staff and the correct personal to cater for the client’s individual needs
  • Quality Recruitment Screening and Procedures to ensure high calibre staff
  • High Development Systems and Procedures
  • Regular Management of staff and client on a daily basis
  • Qualified Senior Management team support, 24hours, and 7 days a week
  • Continued training and development of our team
  • Free online Security System
  • The latest security technology
  • Workplace flexibility to changing business needs that support the ongoing commercial growth and success of every client
  • A synergy of cultures that allows for a range of positive organisational outcomes that include exceptional workplace safety enhanced quality service and impeccable communication channel. We aim to pioneer the move from security professional whose main focus is to protect people and property to proactive professionals who prevent problems from occurring and enhanced the customer experience.
  • Passion, commitment and dedication. Our people are the advantage Acecorp offers its clients. When you become an Acecorp client, you have the talents, strength, and stability of our staff. At Acecorp we strive to build a genuine relationship with our clients offering personalised service and assigned client management.
  • Our people are the advantage Acecorp security offers its clients. When you become a acecorp client you have the talents, strength and stability of our staff.